Maji is Swahili for water, which is essential for human life.

Maji is also the name of Fosmo Med’s first-generation revolutionary field hydration system for intravenous use based on Forward Osmosis (FO) technology.

Maji is shipped without water, then use any water source, clean or not, at the site of care to create a sterile solution for patients.

Maji is designed specially for disaster relief and other civilian market with features including:

  • Patent-pending Forward Osmosis based medical device
  • DEHP free materials
  • Cost reduction focused design
  • Low weight and small volume for shipping and storage consideration
  • Single Use protection

There are many advantages to the Fosmo Med solution, which you can read about in more detail here.  The bottom line is Maji can save many lives by providing the best solution to treat curable diseases such as cholera in disaster regions worldwide.


Maji drawing