Maji is Swahili for water, which is essential for human life.


Maji is also the name of Fosmo Med’s first-generation revolutionary field hydration system for intravenous use based on Forward Osmosis (FO) technology. Maji is shipped without water, then use any water source, clean or not, at the site of care to create a sterile solution for patients without any power requirement.


Maji is designed specially for disaster relief and other civilian market as well as military application with features including:


  • Patent-pending Forward Osmosis based medical device
  • DEHP free materials
  • Cost reduction focused design
  • Low weight and small volume for shipping and storage consideration
  • Single Use protection


There are many advantages to the Fosmo Med solution.  The bottom line is Maji can save many lives by providing the best solution to treat curable diseases such as cholera in disaster regions worldwide.


The innovative design of Fosmo Med’s Maji IV bags deliver several life-saving advantages.


The features list of our product line:


  • Patent-pending Forward Osmosis based technology for medical devices
  • Point of care fill and use product leads to upto 80% reduction in logistical cost of shipping
  • DEHP free materials for reducing leaching from plastic to liquid
  • Shipped without water which can increase the shelf life of the product
  • Higher Durability for any field use
  • Lighter weight and reduced volume allows for highly mobile product and reduced storage space
  • Built in technology allows Single Use protection


The volume and the weight of each product are reduced tremendously. For example, our 1 liter Maji bag weighs about three ounces, compared to a traditional saline IV bag that weighs about 2.3 pounds, or a little less than 38 ounces. This allows many more bags to be shipped within the same space.  That translates into nearly three times as many life-saving IV bags that could be shipped to remote areas of the world, possibly saving millions of lives annually.


Here is example of cost to ship a standard box of 14 one-liter saline IV solutions from San Francisco to Guinea, Africa via Fed Ex versus same number of Maji bags.


$14.92 per Liter


$50.71 per Liter

The product is made from durable DEHP free materials so that leaching that can occur with curent solution. Some studies has been shown that chemicals that is leached in to liquid can be hazardous to human health.

The product is also shipped without water, so the shelf life is increased dramatically. This allows the product to be stored and filled as needed. Also, the product is less prone to leakage, since it is not under pressure when it’s shipped. This means more functional IV bags can reach the final destination.


Fosmo Med products are constructed for durability so that they would meet a range of shipping needs. Also, since the water is not in the bag, storage space requirement is dramatically reduced. More bags can be stored or carried in same space than the current solutions.


The product has been designed so that any field failures can be detected with a quick visual inspection. In addition, once the bag has been used, the FO technology prevents the bag from being used more than once.


Finally, the Maji IV bag can use any type of water, except for sea water and urine, to create sterile solutions. This flexibility is critical when these devices are deployed to a disaster area in remote parts of the world.

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